The New York Times Won a Pulitzer for its Coverage of Harvey Weinstein

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The Pulitzer Prizes were awarded on Monday, April 16th to news organizations who uncovered, reported, and drove the biggest stories of the year. This included the investigation into Tr*mp’s relationship with Russia, political coverage, and—surprisingly—the treatment of women by powerful men.

Surprising? Yeah, actually. Pretty surprising. When women heard about Harvey Weinstein, nobody questioned it. Nobody was taken aback by the fact that a man worth his weight in gold used power and money to harass and abuse women. When the #MeToo movement gained traction and attention, nobody was surprised to see how many of their fellow women had been hurt as a result of their gender performance. What was surprising, however, was the fact that the press paid attention to it. Even more surprising, they stayed interested.

The prize for public service is considered to be the most prestigious of the Pulitzers. This year, it went to The New York Times and the New Yorker Magazine for their revelations of sexual harassment and abuse conducted by powerful men in Hollywood, politics, the media, and the tech industry. Nobody was surprised to hear that The New York Times won a Pulitzer (they won three, actually), but we were shocked to see how seriously their reporting on sexual abuse had been taken.

The recognition of female trauma provided by The New York Times‘ reporting and, now, the Pulitzer Prize committee is an unprecedented step forward for women worldwide. The ability to share our stories is the first step in combatting gender discrimination, and publications like the Times have allowed that to happen. Now, we buckle up and wait for legal proceedings.

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