Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer is a Feminist, and I Don’t Believe Her

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Blair Berk is a high-profile attorney from California. She graduated from Harvard Law School and has a successful career as a defense attorney. She is also, perhaps more relevantly, Harvey Weinstein’s attorney. Oh, and she’s also a feminist.


In a rare interview on Wednesday, Berk said she was a proud feminist but suggested that the #MeToo movement has gone “too far.” She told Newsweek:


“As a feminist, this is a conversation that is important for me to have. We deal with terms like sexual harassment and we talk inappropriate behavior, but we don’t discuss [the terms], not least because it’s complicated. True, we houldn’t have someone with too much power in a workplace, for instance, abusing his power to be vulgar or to put his hand on someone who’s not interested, but it’s important we don’t conflate this with rape. These actions are not rape. They’re also not criminal.”


Well, Blair Berk, you can f*ck right off.


Let’s start with her professional track record. Nearly ten years ago, CNN profiled Berk. Apparently, celebrities flock to her when they are in trouble. She represented Ryan Seacrest when he charged with stalking a woman. She defended Mel Gibson when he beat and abused his wife. She defended Kiefer Sutherland, Heather Locklear, and Lindsay Lohan when they were charged multiple times for DUIs. This woman has made a career in erasing repercussions for the rich and powerful.


Berk is also famous for blaming the system of violence and oppression for individual actions. And sure, some blame should go to societal reinforcement of gender discrimination and gender-based violence. But if societal pressure to abuse and assault women was that strong, why isn’t every man a rapist or abuser? (I know, I know. A lot of men are. But you get the point.)


In the immortal words of—of all people—Mitch McConnel: I believe the women.

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