What You Need to Know About Former President Trump’s Last Impeachment Team

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The Trump impeachment team was made up of three lawyers: Bruce castor Jr, David Schoen, and Michael van der Veen. Trump was facing a single article of impeachment, which is also referred to as incitement of insurrection. It involved an attack that was deadly to the capitol complex. These attorneys are well experienced in criminal defense cases.

Bruce castor jr. is from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and he is an American attorney and a retired republican politician. In March 2016, he became the first solicitor general in his county. In the same year, in July, he was also appointed as deputy attorney general. Although, in less than a month, he became an acting attorney general. He was the one leading the impeachment of Donald Trump.

David Schoen specializes in federal criminal defense and is also Alabama based American lawyer. He represented Trump during his second impeachment trial. He was born in 1958 in Washington, DC. Some of the cases that he has dealt with before including civil rights. He was challenging issues involving ballot, police, and prison violence. He was also challenging abuses that were in Alabama foster care facility. He was also Roger stone’s lawyer during his Mueller investigation and trials and Jeffery Epstein. Schoen was also a representative of Russian mobsters, which were organized crime figures.

Van der Veen, who is not publicly known, was the third attorney in Trump’s impeachment team. He specializes in criminal defense and personal injury, and he is a Philadelphia-based lawyer. He has been successful in various criminal and civil cases. He has secured many seven and eight-figure awards. However, this is according to his law firm website.

The Trump impeachment team urged the senate not to accept something they referred to as a brazen political act. They also defined their effort to remove and convict Trump as trump derangement syndrome.